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Hope for a Cure Foun­da­tion rais­es mon­ey for local researchers in des­per­ate need of equip­ment to con­duct their can­cer research. The goal is to use 100% of every dol­lar for the pur­chase of the equip­ment, with vir­tu­al­ly no over­head, and keep the funds here in San Diego. With so many advanced research pro­grams local­ly, break­throughs here in San Diego will ben­e­fit us all, no mat­ter where we live.


Hope for a Cure Foun­da­tion is unique in that we are just a small group of vol­un­teers, work­ing togeth­er for a non-prof­it with very min­i­mal expens­es. It was the impe­tus for why we start­ed the Foun­da­tion. We were pre­vi­ous­ly vol­un­teers with oth­er orga­ni­za­tions and want­ed to cre­ate our own oppor­tu­ni­ty where we would invest our time and ener­gy into a char­i­ty, with­out spend­ing mon­ey on oper­a­tions. We raise between $10,000 and $20,000 per year, the gen­er­al cost of a major piece of equip­ment, dis­count­ed due to our non-prof­it, 501c sta­tus. Each year, we deter­mine who receives equip­ment based on pro­pos­als, and what we want to focus on.


For twelve years, Hope for a Cure Foun­da­tion has devot­ed its efforts to pas­sion­ate­ly advo­cat­ing for researchers who need extra equip­ment to con­duct their research. We have pur­chased fif­teen (15) pieces of equip­ment to date, ben­e­fit­ting six­teen (16) researchers and/or physi­cians and their teams at UCSD Moores Can­cer Cen­ter, The Salk Insti­tute, The Scripps Research Insti­tute, The Vac­cine Insti­tute and Sid­ney Kim­mel Can­cer Cen­ter. Our recip­i­ents are research­ing mul­ti­ple types of can­cer with deter­mi­na­tion, per­se­ver­ance and pur­pose.

We are very proud of our past accom­plish­ments and the hon­or of part­ner­ing with these doc­tors and researchers. We look for­ward to, and antic­i­pate, a future with­out can­cer.

For addi­tion­al infor­ma­tion, please vis­it: http://​www​.Hope​foracure​foun​da​tion​.org.




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