Favorite 5: July & August 2013

Favorite 5 is a month­ly SMPS San Diego Blog col­umn by Vik­ki Ott, CPSM, Media Com­mit­tee Chair and Dig­i­tal Media Pro­duc­er at Haley & Aldrich. You can con­nect with Vik­ki on Twit­ter @vikkiott, LinkedIn or vott@haleyaldrich.com

Wel­come to the “Sum­mer” edi­tion of SMPS San Diego’s “Favorite 5,” cov­er­ing July and August. Every month (or so) I’ll share my favorite 5 arti­cles and columns that relate to mar­ket­ing com­mu­ni­ca­tions.

Let’s start with an overview of why most AEC firms are lag­ging behind in online mar­ket­ing, fol­lowed by 4 arti­cles on how to lever­age Pin­ter­est, YouTube One Chan­nel, Google+ and Twit­ter for your firm.

The Online Mar­ket­ing Train is Leav­ing the Sta­tion and AEC Firms Aren’t Onboard: Five Rea­sons Why Archi­tec­ture, Engi­neer­ing, and Con­struc­tion Firms are Lag­ging Behind in Online Mar­ket­ing” by Mark Busse, Indus­tri­al Brand. “In many ways, [social media] is an expan­sion of tra­di­tion­al mar­ket­ing sys­tems, yet it has the poten­tial to dri­ve sig­nif­i­cant­ly more growth and prof­itabil­i­ty while cost­ing less on the bot­tom line.” So is your com­pa­ny lever­ag­ing social media sites? Once you’ve giv­en this a read, the fol­low­ing four arti­cles address spe­cif­ic sites and ideas on how AEC firms can best use them.

The Real Ben­e­fits of Social Media: 5 Ways Archi­tec­ture Firms are Using Pin­ter­est” by Katie San­ner, Hinge. As a mar­keter for an under­ground engi­neer­ing com­pa­ny, I often find myself pin­ing for a beau­ti­ful set of archi­tec­tur­al pho­tos to show off the projects built atop my company’s work. For archi­tec­tur­al mar­keters, Pin­ter­est is a nat­ur­al way to show­case your work. Here are 5 ways to use this chan­nel, rel­e­vant for archi­tects, engi­neers and con­trac­tors.

How can AEC Mar­keters use YouTube One Chan­nel?” by Aly Pavela, Expe­ri­ence Rel­e­va­tion. Have you seen the new YouTube One Chan­nel? The update allows users to show off more of their con­tent, orga­nize and label this con­tent and include a ban­ner image and biog­ra­phy. This arti­cle pro­vides tips on how an AEC firm can uti­lize the YouTube One Chan­nel.

Four Rea­sons Mar­keters Need to Embrace Google+” by Stephan Hov­nan­ian, Mar­ket­ing­Profs. Though it’s not yet a go-to site for AEC net­work­ing, Google+ offers a pletho­ra of ben­e­fits for com­pa­nies gen­er­at­ing con­tent and opti­miz­ing SEO. Sim­ply put, if your audi­ence uses Google for search (check) and YouTube for videos (check), Google+ will help those folks find your con­tent faster.

10 Begin­ner Twit­ter Tips for AEC Firms” by Bri­anne Daw­son, Mar­ketri. New to Twit­ter and still try­ing to fig­ure out if it has a place in your com­mu­ni­ca­tions mix? Here are 10 tips spe­cif­ic to AEC firms to get you start­ed, or to expand your cur­rent pres­ence.


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