Favorite 5: March 2013

Favorite 5Favorite 5 is a month­ly SMPS San Diego Blog col­umn by Vik­ki Ott, CPSM, Media Com­mit­tee Chair and Dig­i­tal Media Pro­duc­er at Haley & Aldrich. If you’ve been edu­cat­ed, amused, or oth­er­wise schooled by our new fea­ture col­umn, leave a com­ment! Twit­ter @vikkiott, LinkedIn or vott@haleyaldrich.com

Wel­come to the first edi­tion of the SMPS San Diego blog fea­ture, “Favorite 5.” Every month I’ll share my favorite 5 arti­cles and columns that will edu­cate, inform, and occa­sion­al­ly amuse my fel­low AEC mar­keters.

Before we kick this off, I’d like to thank my col­league Anna Luciano, Direc­tor of the SMPS Boston Com­mu­ni­ca­tions Com­mit­tee. I have been read­ing Anna’s SMPS Boston “Favorite 5” col­umn for as long as she’s been writ­ing it, and she agreed to let SMPS San Diego bor­row the con­cept and title. Thank you, Anna! If you’d like to give her a fol­low, she’s on Twit­ter @annalu­ciano, works for @nitscheng, and writes for @SMPS­Bos.

Let’s get to our inau­gur­al “Favorite 5” month­ly col­umn.

  1. 3 Stun­ning­ly Good LinkedIn Pro­file Sum­maries by Andy Foote on LinkedIn​sights​.com. Your LinkedIn Sum­ma­ry is more than your job title. Improve it and your search­a­bil­i­ty.
  2. Focus On Their Behav­ior, Not Your Opin­ionby Dr. Rick Kirschn­er on TheArtofChange​.com. Dr. Rick Kirschn­er was the keynote speak­er at the 2013 SMPS Pacif­ic Region­al Con­fer­ence. In this blog post, Dr. K explains how to make a dis­tinc­tion between someone’s behav­ior and how you react to it.
  3. The Hid­den Ben­e­fits of Social Media Mar­ket­ing: Why Your Strat­e­gy May Be Work­ing Bet­ter Than You Thinkby Stephanie Chan­dler on Forbes​.com. Would you like repeat expo­sure to your net­work while influ­enc­ing how they think about your com­pa­ny and ser­vices? Per­haps social media is right for you.
  4. What You Might Not Know About Your iPhone and iPad by Kather­ine Boehret on AllTh​ingsD​.com.  How well do you real­ly know your iPhone and iPad? Dou­ble tap­ping the home but­ton to quick­ly open a recent app is my favorite short­cut, + 9 more time sav­ing tips. 
  5. Get Busy Meme-ing, or Get Busy Dying” by Stephen Yusko on Smart​Blogs​.com. Inspired by Grumpy Cat or Texts From Hillary and want to pro­duce your own memes? Be care­ful of copy­right infringe­ment. Just as you wouldn’t pull a project pho­to off the web with­out the photographer’s per­mis­sion, the same rules apply when cre­at­ing memes.

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