Getting Around with San Diego’s GCs: The Yearly Roundtable and After Party

by Nanette New­bry, Prin­ci­pal, Cre­ative Direc­tor, Stu­dio 2055

Ed. note: On behalf of SMPS San Diego, we’d like to thank Nanette New­bry from Stu­dio 2055 for her ongo­ing cov­er­age and blog post writ­ing for many of our events. Along with Mike Tor­rey Pho­tog­ra­phy, Nanette and Mike pro­vide excep­tion­al writ­ten and visu­al cov­er­age of our events. We are thank­ful for their sup­port and encour­age you to say hel­lo and thanks to them next time you’re at an event. Enjoy Nanette’s post and Mike’s pho­tos from the Feb­ru­ary 2015 Gen­er­al Con­trac­tors Round­table.

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In the light and airy tent of the Dou­ble­Tree Hotel, near­ly 150 fel­low A/E/Cs played musi­cal chairs to learn what’s on the table for the city’s busy gen­er­al con­trac­tors. The event con­clud­ed with yum­my hors d’oeuvers and live­ly con­ver­sa­tion with our fel­low col­leagues.

As I made it around the eight tables, here are snip­pets of con­ver­sa­tions the GCs were hav­ing with busi­ness devel­op­ment pro­fes­sion­als and PMs. The notes are pro­vid­ed in short­hand style.


Eric Schei­dlinger (cen­ter, top), Direc­tor of Project Devel­op­ment at Reno Con­tract­ing, hosts a round­table.

Who makes the deci­sion to work with your GC firm? We have a group dis­cus­sion. We’re look­ing to build team expe­ri­ence to enable our pro­pos­als to win work.

How do you begin your teams? We pick the archi­tect first.

How do you select subs? It is near­ly always based on price.

Who makes the deci­sion to work with subs? The PMs make the deci­sion.

Any advice to work­ing with archi­tects? If you make the architect’s life eas­i­er, then we make a good selec­tion. Price does play a role.

We’re in Orange Coun­ty but want to work in San Diego. We’re find­ing it’s hard to break into the mar­ket. Why? There is an invis­i­ble line between OC and San Diego. If you don’t have an office in SD then you’re not doing work here.

What are the trends you are see­ing from the owner’s per­spec­tive? The life of the build­ing and how they can make it the most effi­cient and eas­i­ly main­tained.

Thank you to our Gen­er­al Con­trac­tors, includ­ing:


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