Golf with SMPS = A Winning Proposal

We are blessed with an array of great A/E/C asso­ci­a­tions in South­ern Cal­i­for­nia. And many of these have golf tour­na­ments. Indeed, these tour­na­ments are excel­lent, enter­tain­ing, and a great way to net­work. SMPS is no dif­fer­ent, there (aside from being con­sid­er­ably less expen­sive).

How­ev­er, we pro­vide one fea­ture that might be over­looked (a dif­fer­en­tia­tor, in mar­ket­ing speak). Play­ing in our golf tour­na­ment funds the train­ing, edu­ca­tion, and men­tor­ing of your mar­ket­ing team. This is the whole point of our orga­ni­za­tion: through our pro­grams and net­work of peo­ple, make your mar­ket­ing team bet­ter through estab­lish­ing your com­pa­ny brand, being bet­ter researchers, and—most importantly—designing and build­ing excep­tion­al, influ­en­tial, win­ning pro­pos­als and qual­i­fi­ca­tions.

Over the last 10 years, and cer­tain­ly over SMPS San Diego’s last 30 years, we have seen the qual­i­ty and inno­va­tion in the pro­pos­al phase increase expo­nen­tial­ly. And we have seen the require­ments of agen­cies and pri­vate own­ers become more demand­ing. Those that sur­vived the down­turn under­stand what an impact your mar­ket­ing col­lat­er­al can make, whether it is get­ting to the short­list (and a face-to-face pre­sen­ta­tion) or scor­ing enough points to win the over­all pur­suit.

So reg­is­ter here, enjoy your­self, and know that you are not only hav­ing a good time play­ing and net­work­ing, but also fund­ing the edu­ca­tion and abil­i­ty of your pur­suit team.

As if you need­ed more rea­sons to engage with SMPS, here’s the offer. Shoot Jef­frey Rank an email ( not­ing that you read this entry for an extra mul­li­gan per golfer reg­is­tered and 5 extra raf­fle tick­ets (per golfer). This spe­cial offer lasts until Mon­day 3−31−14.

Kelly Michajlenko

Kel­ly Micha­jlenko, CPSM, SMPS San Diego Pres­i­dent, Cab­bage Patch Kids Afi­ciona­do

Kel­ly relates to the plight of the Cab­bage Patch Kids and has adopt­ed over 10,000 dol­lars’ worth of them. She is the Pres­i­dent of the San Diego Chap­ter for SMPS, the tough­est posi­tion in the orga­ni­za­tion: requir­ing lead­er­ship, skill and vision (and the abil­i­ty to keep a bunch of shady indi­vid­u­als in line). You can spot Kel­ly at din­ner after the tour­ney, or out and about on the course. If you see her, buy her a drink; she deserves it.


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