I golf in the 80’s. The 1980’s.

SMPS San Diego turns thir­ty this year. This being our big three-oh, we decid­ed to turn back the clock to the wild days of big hair and boom box­es. And koosh balls. And Van Halen (look at this pic­ture: it should be obvi­ous that this is a kid that secret­ly loved Van Halen when he was pulling straight A’s).

Jeff Rank

That’s right; we’re going total­ly 80’s for our golf tour­na­ment. Hon­est­ly, if this isn’t your favorite decade, it should be.

Join SMPS San Diego for a rad day of net­work­ing, social­iz­ing, and golf on Fri­day, May 30th at the River­walk Golf Course in Mis­sion Val­ley. Click here to reg­is­ter.

Ear­ly bird spe­cial, nat­u­ral­ly, gets a dis­count: “you snooze, you lose” and all that.

In Sovi­et Union, golf plays you”

So you’re not a great golfer. No prob­lem, you can still be a win­ner: if you are read­ing this blog entry and reg­is­ter for golf online, shoot me an email (jrank@rjagroup.com) not­ing that you read this entry for an extra mul­li­gan per golfer reg­is­tered and 5 extra raf­fle tick­ets (per golfer). This spe­cial offer lasts until 3−21−14.

Next week, we’ll be intro­duc­ing you to anoth­er child of the 80’s.

See you at River­walk!

Jef­frey Rank

Co-Chair, SMPS Golf, fan of Van Halen


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