By Kel­ly Micha­jlenko, CPSM
Imme­di­ate Past Pres­i­dent, SMPS San Diego

For those of you who missed the SMPS ECAMPUS Webi­nar, I high­ly encour­age you to take a look at this pow­er­ful new sys­tem. This learn­ing tool has been cre­at­ed with users in mind. It is online, on demand, and portable. You can stop and start any ses­sion at any time and rewatch any ses­sion you have already pur­chased.ecampus

As with pre­vi­ous webi­na­rs, mul­ti­ple peo­ple can attend and earn CEU’s for the same ses­sion. Just sub­mit a com­plet­ed CEU form with the attendee infor­ma­tion.

ECam­pus was just launched and the con­tent will grow as new webi­na­rs are added. Cur­rent con­tent includes, but is not lim­it­ed to:

  • CPSM Online Assess­ment Exam
  • Twelve 2014 Build Busi­ness Ses­sions
  • SMPS Lunchtime Learn­ing Labs
  • SMPS Webi­na­rs

The CPSM Online Assess­ment Exam must be the most request­ed fea­ture. It is half an exam with the same per­cent of ques­tions from each domain as the cur­rent exam. The assess­ment is com­prised of 75 retired ques­tions with a 90 minute time lim­it. After the assess­ment exam, feed­back will be giv­en for sug­gest­ed read­ing specif­i­cal­ly iden­ti­fy­ing read­ing on the cur­rent exam’s read­ing list.

SMPS ECam­pus is not linked to SMPS​.org or MySMPS and, there­fore, requires a new login. The web­site will rec­og­nize mem­bers and apply the appro­pri­ate mem­ber dis­counts. Learn­ing labs and oth­er archived webi­na­rs can still be accessed through MySMPS.

Access ECAMPUS from the SMPS​.org home­page under the Edu­ca­tion drop­down menu. Give it a try and pro­vide your feed­back to either Natasha or Kevin at SMPS Nation­al.


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