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SMPS San Diego gives thanks to the gen­eros­i­ty of Hensel Phelps and SMR Con­sult­ing Group for spon­sor­ing the Novem­ber 19, 2014 lun­cheon. This unique lun­cheon pro­vid­ed the oppor­tu­ni­ty to learn how your com­pa­ny can become involved in the exten­sive San Diego K-12 build­ing expan­sion over the next sev­er­al years.

Torrey09_smps-6_1022The pan­el speak­ers includ­ed three dis­tin­guished lead­ers from San Diego school dis­tricts who dis­cussed their dis­tricts plan­ning for 2015, includ­ing deliv­ery options, how design/build oppor­tu­ni­ties will affect devel­op­ment and sched­ules.

Torrey07_smps-6_1017Our first speak­er, Gary Stan­ford, Direc­tor of Project Man­age­ment for San Diego Uni­fied School Dis­trict, began by address­ing Propo­si­tions S and Z, which pro­vid­ed the fund­ing for the projects. These propo­si­tions will be used for over­all improve­ments and the con­struc­tion of new build­ings. He expects there to be 50 new projects in design and bid phase by the end of 2015. Any­one who is inter­est­ed can look at the agen­da for the Decem­ber 3rd Board of Edu­ca­tion meet­ing to see what projects are in the queue. Details sur­round­ing poten­tial projects and the bid process are as fol­lows:

  • Instal­la­tion of A/C for the 2,000 hottest “zone 1” class­rooms in two years; he antic­i­pates “zone 2” class­rooms may come next
  • The typ­i­cal mod­el they use is design-bid-build, although they are con­sid­er­ing lease/lease-back for larg­er projects
  • They now have a pre-qual­i­fi­ca­tion sys­tem in place for bid­ders
  • The con­tracts for on-call pro­fes­sion­al ser­vices are typ­i­cal­ly for three years
  • They have a man­date that 3% of all con­struc­tion is pre­formed by DVBE’s

Torrey08_smps-6_1035Next, Tom Cal­houn, Chief Facil­i­ties Direc­tor for Sweet­wa­ter Union High School Dis­trict dis­cussed the hap­pen­ings in his school dis­trict. Sweet­wa­ter Union High School Dis­trict con­tains mid­dle and high school cam­pus­es and are near the end of their Facil­i­ties Mas­ter Plan. They have approx­i­mate­ly $5 bil­lion worth of projects. They cur­rent­ly have $1.5 bil­lion of out­stand­ing needs and only have about $1.1 bil­lion to spend. The projects range from $50,000 to $23 mil­lion. Cal­houn is a big believ­er in design-build. They added solar ener­gy to their cam­pus­es and it has saved about $5 mil­lion over the past 10 years. Details sur­round­ing upcom­ing projects and the bid process are as fol­lows:

  • Two large design-build projects com­ing up. The selec­tion will be a two step process, the RFQ is expect­ed to be out in Jan­u­ary
  • A new dis­trict office is desired
  • They will have HVAC retro­fits at sev­er­al cam­pus­es

Torrey06_smps-6_1068Our final pan­elist, Car­olyn Scholl, Facil­i­ties Plan­ning Man­ag­er for Chu­la Vista Ele­men­tary School Dis­trict focused on upcom­ing projects for her dis­trict. The expect­ed projects are as fol­lows:

  • Three school mod­ern­iza­tions com­plet­ing in sum­mer 2015, the pre-con­struc­tion plans have been final­ized
  • The con­struc­tion of a new ele­men­tary school in the south­east por­tion of the dis­trict; a team has been select­ed for this project
  • They will be expand­ing a char­ter high school (CVLCC), which is cur­rent­ly on an ele­men­tary school cam­pus into a new two-sto­ry locat­able build­ing

Writ­ten and sub­mit­ted by Nanette New­bry, Prin­ci­pal, Cre­ative Direc­tor, Stu­dio 2055 and Rebec­ca Frieden­bach, Mar­ket­ing Intern, Stu­dio 2055

Pho­tos by Mike Tor­rey Pho­tog­ra­phy, special­iz­ing in archi­tec­tural pho­tog­ra­phy.

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