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30 Years Later and We Are (Still) The World

Vikki OttIf you know her now, you’d know that this child of the 1980’s was clearly influenced by the Los Angeles Dodgers, 80’s music videos, and benefit concerts. Among her 80’s accomplishments included learning the Thriller zombie dance, winning lip sync competitions at junior high dances, and coining the term “Fernandomania.” Ultimately, creative differences with Tommy Lasorda prompted this former Dodger to leave professional sports and start a career in marketing, and we’re glad she did.

Now serving as the SMPS San Diego Media Chair, Vikki Ott, CPSM, credits her love of Duran Duran with introducing her to the world of boy bands, music videos, and spending all of one’s allowance on teen magazines and life-size posters of John Taylor. But more importantly, Duran Duran’s participation in the 1984 single “Do They Know It’s Christmas” and role in the 1985 Live Aid concert introduced young Vikki to the global efforts to help alleviate poverty and famine in Ethiopia. In 1986 she took part in the national hand-holding charitable event, Hands Across America, which sadly did not include her holding hands with any member of Duran Duran. But it did include a 7-million-person, 4,152-mile sing-a-long of “We Are The World,” a charity single written to benefit famine relief efforts in Africa.

These events changed Vikki’s life. And now she’s helping change the lives of communities in Africa by volunteering her time and resources for charities like The Community Project: Ethiopia (TCP), the current SMPS San Diego charitable partner and the beneficiary of this year’s Golf Tournament proceeds.Vikki in Ethiopia pic 1 Vikki authored this blog post about her involvement with this group and the origins of the project. Since then she has helped TCP connect to a number of funding and project partners, including SMPS San Diego and Engineers Without Borders (EWB). EWB is leading the efforts to build a K-8 school, community center and community garden in the village of Debre Birhan, Ethiopia, and SMPS San Diego is honored to be sponsoring this community project.

When you find Vikki at this charity event benefitting relief efforts in Africa, you should ask her about The Community Project, initiate a Duran Duran sing-along, or challenge her knowledge of 80’s songs and trivia.

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