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Hope for a Cure Foundation


Hope for a Cure Foundation raises money for local researchers in desperate need of equipment to conduct their cancer research. The goal is to use 100% of every dollar for the purchase of the equipment, with virtually no overhead, and keep the funds here in San Diego. With so many advanced research programs locally, breakthroughs here in San Diego will benefit us all, no matter where we live.


Hope for a Cure Foundation is unique in that we are just a small group of volunteers, working together for a non-profit with very minimal expenses. It was the impetus for why we started the Foundation. We were previously volunteers with other organizations and wanted to create our own opportunity where we would invest our time and energy into a charity, without spending money on operations. We raise between $10,000 and $20,000 per year, the general cost of a major piece of equipment, discounted due to our non-profit, 501c status. Each year, we determine who receives equipment based on proposals, and what we want to focus on.


For twelve years, Hope for a Cure Foundation has devoted its efforts to passionately advocating for researchers who need extra equipment to conduct their research. We have purchased fifteen (15) pieces of equipment to date, benefitting sixteen (16) researchers and/or physicians and their teams at UCSD Moores Cancer Center, The Salk Institute, The Scripps Research Institute, The Vaccine Institute and Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center. Our recipients are researching multiple types of cancer with determination, perseverance and purpose.

We are very proud of our past accomplishments and the honor of partnering with these doctors and researchers. We look forward to, and anticipate, a future without cancer.

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