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And the Winner is… San Diego!

SMPS San Diego received two Striving for Excellence (SFE) Awards at the July 2014 SMPS Build Business Conference. The SFE Awards recognize chapters with excellence in management and service to members, and we are proud to have received awards for our Chapter Website and 2013 Awards Gala!

First Place – Chapter Communications Awards, Website: SMPS San Diego!

SMPS Awards 2014

Evan Ross, Kelly Michajlenko, Carina Theissen and Catherine McCullough accepting the SFE Awards at the SMPS Building Business Conference, July 2014 in San Antonio, Texas.

The SMPS San Diego website is one of the most important assets in our chapter communications portfolio, and chapter member David Lecours is instrumental in helping us build and maintain an attractive and informative site. David proactively works with our Media Committee to improve our site, and last year launched an updated and fully responsive site that is easy to navigate, fun to explore, and optimized for any device you’re using, such as mobile, tablet or desktop. The SFE committee agreed and awarded our chapter with First Place recognition for a Chapter Website!

Thank you to LecoursDesign (website strategy and design), StudioActive8 (wesbsite coding), and Vikki Ott and Sharon Smith, who were SMPS San Diego Media Co-Chairs during the initial phases of website design improvement.

Outstanding Chapter Program Award: SMPS San Diego, 2013 Awards Gala!

Last August, SMPS San Diego hosted our inaugural Awards Gala. We knew we had a special event on our hands, especially with our (interim) Mayor Todd Gloria as the emcee, a “Rock Star” themed event complete with gold record awards, and honorees in 12 unique categories. The SFE committee recognized our event with an “Outstanding” Award in the Special Event category.

Thank you to Bree Tsaniff, our Event Chair, and Past-President Carina Theissen for organizing such a successful event.


Please extend your thanks to the SFE committee members for their contributions. They include Catherine McCullough, Kelly Michajlenko, Carina Theissen, Vikki Ott, Evan Ross, Jamie Engelhardt, Bree Tsaniff and David Lecours. These individuals volunteered many hours to make sure our Chapter is recognized for the outstanding work of our volunteers, members and supporting companies.

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