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Favorite 5: April 2013

Favorite 5 - April 2013Favorite 5 is a monthly SMPS San Diego Blog column by Vikki Ott, CPSM, Media Committee Chair and Digital Media Producer at Haley & Aldrich. If you’ve been educated, amused, or otherwise schooled by our new feature column, leave a comment! Twitter @vikkiott, LinkedIn or

Welcome to the second column of SMPS San Diego’s newest blog sensation, “Favorite 5.” Every month I’ll share my favorite 5 articles and columns. Let’s get to it.

A CMO, a CIO, and a Chief Digital Officer Walk Into a Bar…” by Scott Brinker, Who’s taking care of your digital media efforts: a CMO, a CIO, or perhaps a CDO? If the answer is no one, keep reading. As the need for digital media blossoms, businesses are responding by developing C-level digital officer positions. Rapid growth in this field is why Gartner predicts that 25% of organizations will have a CDO by 2015.

Why are Some Companies Still Afraid of Social Media?” by Andrew Grill, Social Business News. If you’re not quite ready to hire a CDO, you can start by informing, engaging and aligning your senior executives with your company’s social strategy.

Video: “Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are” by Amy Cuddy, A gem of a video I learned about while at Brent Darnell’s SMPS PRC session. See why Brent’s session attendees were walking around in Wonder Woman and Superman poses for the remainder of the conference.

The Secret Behind Oreo’s Social Media Marketing” by Mark Hayes, I mentioned Oreo’s “100-day Daily Twist” at the SMPS PRC Social Media panel as an example of a great social media campaign. Read how Oreo became a social media powerhouse by creating timely, topical, simple and fun posts.

Start a Conversation by Mentioning Your Connections on LinkedIn” by Angela Yang, LinkedIn Blog. On April 4, LinkedIn announced the ability to mention your first-degree connections and other members engaged in conversations in the comments section of posts. Get a sneak peak at their newest function, rolling out to users soon.

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  1. Love that TED Talk. The new functionality on LinkedIn is interesting. Glad to see them loosening up a bit by encouraging social linking. Great curated collection of thought provoking articles, Vikki.

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