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Favorite 5: July & August 2013

Favorite 5 is a monthly SMPS San Diego Blog column by Vikki Ott, CPSM, Media Committee Chair and Digital Media Producer at Haley & Aldrich. You can connect with Vikki on Twitter @vikkiott, LinkedIn or

Welcome to the “Summer” edition of SMPS San Diego’s “Favorite 5,” covering July and August. Every month (or so) I’ll share my favorite 5 articles and columns that relate to marketing communications.

Let’s start with an overview of why most AEC firms are lagging behind in online marketing, followed by 4 articles on how to leverage Pinterest, YouTube One Channel, Google+ and Twitter for your firm.

The Online Marketing Train is Leaving the Station and AEC Firms Aren’t Onboard: Five Reasons Why Architecture, Engineering, and Construction Firms are Lagging Behind in Online Marketing” by Mark Busse, Industrial Brand. “In many ways, [social media] is an expansion of traditional marketing systems, yet it has the potential to drive significantly more growth and profitability while costing less on the bottom line.” So is your company leveraging social media sites? Once you’ve given this a read, the following four articles address specific sites and ideas on how AEC firms can best use them.

The Real Benefits of Social Media: 5 Ways Architecture Firms are Using Pinterest” by Katie Sanner, Hinge. As a marketer for an underground engineering company, I often find myself pining for a beautiful set of architectural photos to show off the projects built atop my company’s work. For architectural marketers, Pinterest is a natural way to showcase your work. Here are 5 ways to use this channel, relevant for architects, engineers and contractors.

How can AEC Marketers use YouTube One Channel?” by Aly Pavela, Experience Relevation. Have you seen the new YouTube One Channel? The update allows users to show off more of their content, organize and label this content and include a banner image and biography. This article provides tips on how an AEC firm can utilize the YouTube One Channel.

Four Reasons Marketers Need to Embrace Google+” by Stephan Hovnanian, MarketingProfs. Though it’s not yet a go-to site for AEC networking, Google+ offers a plethora of benefits for companies generating content and optimizing SEO. Simply put, if your audience uses Google for search (check) and YouTube for videos (check), Google+ will help those folks find your content faster.

10 Beginner Twitter Tips for AEC Firms” by Brianne Dawson, Marketri. New to Twitter and still trying to figure out if it has a place in your communications mix? Here are 10 tips specific to AEC firms to get you started, or to expand your current presence.

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