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Favorite 5: June 2013

Favorite 5 is a monthly SMPS San Diego Blog column by Vikki Ott, CPSM, Media Committee Chair and Digital Media Producer at Haley & Aldrich. You can connect with Vikki on Twitter @vikkiott, LinkedIn or

Welcome to the June edition of SMPS San Diego’s “Favorite 5.” Every month I’ll share my favorite 5 articles and columns that relate to marketing communications.

Measure Your Content Curation Success: A 10 Question Scorecard” by Roger Parker, Content Marketing Institute. When you write content for your audience, do you consider what your audience wants to hear, how they want to receive it, and what value they’ll receive from your content? Learn how to gauge the quality and consistency of your content efforts, and score what you’re doing in order to keep improving. 

Four Steps for Using Images in Your Brand’s Social Strategy” by Stephen Shepherd, Congratulations, you’ve convinced your top brass that Facebook and Twitter are the places to be. Now here come your competitors with posts on photo-centric sites such as Pinterest, Instagram and Tumblr. Here are four tips to help you incorporate images that resonate with visitors to your social media sites.

LinkedIn Tips: 10 Ways To Do More” by Debra Donston-Miller, To celebrate LinkedIn’s 10th anniversary and 225 million members (surely, you’re one of them and also a member of our SMPS San Diego private group?), here are 10 great tips to take advantage of a number of recently released LinkedIn features.

Becoming a Better Judge of People” by Anthony Tjan, Harvard Business Review. Developing and honing our skills to better understand others is a necessary proficiency for any professional. While it’s easy to see how connected someone is on LinkedIn or how many Twitter followers they have, identifying the softer skills is akin to an “attitudinal audition.” Here are 10 questions to get to the intrinsic “why” and “how” behind a person.

Six AP Style Rules for Press Releases,” by Mickie Kennedy, Though a lot of what you post on web and social platforms is conversational, you need to have style when submitting news to editors and publications. Specifically, The Associated Press (AP) Style. Reminders on how to structure your press release,  the 5 W’s, learning the editor’s preferences, and more in this post.


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