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Getting Around with San Diego’s GCs: The Yearly Roundtable and After Party

by Nanette Newbry, Principal, Creative Director, Studio 2055

Ed. note: On behalf of SMPS San Diego, we’d like to thank Nanette Newbry from Studio 2055 for her ongoing coverage and blog post writing for many of our events. Along with Mike Torrey Photography, Nanette and Mike provide exceptional written and visual coverage of our events. We are thankful for their support and encourage you to say hello and thanks to them next time you’re at an event. Enjoy Nanette’s post and Mike’s photos from the February 2015 General Contractors Roundtable.

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In the light and airy tent of the DoubleTree Hotel, nearly 150 fellow A/E/Cs played musical chairs to learn what’s on the table for the city’s busy general contractors. The event concluded with yummy hors d’oeuvers and lively conversation with our fellow colleagues.

As I made it around the eight tables, here are snippets of conversations the GCs were having with business development professionals and PMs. The notes are provided in shorthand style.


Eric Scheidlinger (center, top), Director of Project Development at Reno Contracting, hosts a roundtable.

Who makes the decision to work with your GC firm? We have a group discussion. We’re looking to build team experience to enable our proposals to win work.

How do you begin your teams? We pick the architect first.

How do you select subs? It is nearly always based on price.

Who makes the decision to work with subs? The PMs make the decision.

Any advice to working with architects? If you make the architect’s life easier, then we make a good selection. Price does play a role.

We’re in Orange County but want to work in San Diego. We’re finding it’s hard to break into the market. Why? There is an invisible line between OC and San Diego. If you don’t have an office in SD then you’re not doing work here.

What are the trends you are seeing from the owner’s perspective? The life of the building and how they can make it the most efficient and easily maintained.

Thank you to our General Contractors, including:

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