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Golf with SMPS = A Winning Proposal

We are blessed with an array of great A/E/C associations in Southern California. And many of these have golf tournaments. Indeed, these tournaments are excellent, entertaining, and a great way to network. SMPS is no different, there (aside from being considerably less expensive).

However, we provide one feature that might be overlooked (a differentiator, in marketing speak). Playing in our golf tournament funds the training, education, and mentoring of your marketing team. This is the whole point of our organization: through our programs and network of people, make your marketing team better through establishing your company brand, being better researchers, and—most importantly—designing and building exceptional, influential, winning proposals and qualifications.

Over the last 10 years, and certainly over SMPS San Diego’s last 30 years, we have seen the quality and innovation in the proposal phase increase exponentially. And we have seen the requirements of agencies and private owners become more demanding. Those that survived the downturn understand what an impact your marketing collateral can make, whether it is getting to the shortlist (and a face-to-face presentation) or scoring enough points to win the overall pursuit.

So register here, enjoy yourself, and know that you are not only having a good time playing and networking, but also funding the education and ability of your pursuit team.

As if you needed more reasons to engage with SMPS, here’s the offer. Shoot Jeffrey Rank an email ( not­ing that you read this entry for an extra mul­li­gan per golfer reg­is­tered and 5 extra raf­fle tick­ets (per golfer). This spe­cial offer lasts until Monday 3-31-14.

Kelly Michajlenko

Kelly Michajlenko, CPSM, SMPS San Diego President, Cabbage Patch Kids Aficionado

Kelly relates to the plight of the Cabbage Patch Kids and has adopted over 10,000 dollars’ worth of them. She is the President of the San Diego Chapter for SMPS, the toughest position in the organization: requiring leadership, skill and vision (and the ability to keep a bunch of shady individuals in line). You can spot Kelly at dinner after the tourney, or out and about on the course. If you see her, buy her a drink; she deserves it.

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