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Looking for more from your SMPS membership? Try a Networking Group!

Wondering where and how to make that next step and get more from your SMPS membership? I’d highly encourage you to join a Networking Group! Each group’s participants are hand selected from a pool of interested members and grouped together according to interest, goals and partnership potential. This was the first thing outside of luncheons that I participated in when I first joined, and it provided me a platform to get to know other members on a more personal level. I started to grow my network through those relationships and felt more comfortable attending larger events having some familiar faces I could find in the crowd.

Download the form here!

Groups meet once a month at a location decided upon by the members, are FREE*, and you can use the meeting to share leads, discuss best practices or just bounce ideas or issues off of each other. Groups generally consist of about 10-12 members. Networking forms are due by Friday, October 25th and we will be hosting a Networking group Kick-off Happy Hour in November! Please email forms and questions to me at, or call 760-744-0011.


Bree Tsaniff, SWS Engineering
SMPS San Diego Professional Development Co-Chair

*With the exception of personal food and/or beverage costs depending on where/when your group meets. ”

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