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President’s Letter July 2013

August marks the end of summer as well as the end of SMPS’s board year. The purpose of this letter is to share some reflections on the past year and provide a look ahead to the next few months. At the end of year serving as SMPS San Diego President, I am pleased with our positive momentum and with the progress we continue to make toward achieving our vision to Share the Past. Build the Future. What an enjoyable journey this has been!

I credit all of our success to the 2012-2013 Board Members and Committee Members. The active engagement and participation of committees is rare in many professional organizations, and on behalf of the Board of Directors, I would like to thank the committees for their contributions to SMPS. We would have not been as successful without all of their dedication and enthusiasm.

The Officers this year consisted of myself, Kelly Michajlenko-President Elect, Antoinette Sanchez-Immediate Past President, Cindy Hill-Secretary, and Brie Page-Treasurer.  Each one of these ladies has gone above and beyond to make this year successful.

The Program Committee, chaired by Brett Williams and Paul King, hosted the monthly luncheons with several interesting topics which doubled our attendance in the last year.

The Education Committee, chaired by Shiloh Spriggs and Kristie Bevacqua, lead senior level educational events to this year’s calendar including the Magness leadership, and presentation training seminars.

The Accommodations Committee, chaired by Catherine McCullough and Bree Tsaniff, provided an array of fabulous meals, smiling faces, and nametags at all our events. Bree has taken on the new Awards Gala which will be such a success this year!

The Membership Committee, chaired by Megan Todd and Hansol An, created continuous benefits to our members and increased our membership this year.

The Professional Development Committee, chaired by NK Mbaya and Alex Higgins, maintained the library and job bank, starting the networking groups, and the Mentor/Protégé program.

The Communications Committee, chaired by Marylou Flanders and Suzanne Clemmer, provided you our quarterly newsletter which includes trends, news, and industry information.

The Media Committee, chaired by Vikki Ott, shared our events and news on a regular basis to give you up to date information so you don’t miss any of our exciting programs and increased our blog, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook audience. 

The Golf Tournament Committee, chaired by Jeff Rank and Rachel Gonzalez, lead the charge on our famous Annual Golf tournament, we had a very successful year and was able to give a sizeable donation to The Community Project: Ethiopia.

The Pacific Regional Conference Liaison, chaired by Evan Ross, headed up programs for the SMPS Pacific Regional Conference, Confluence, which was held on February 20-22 in Portland, Oregon.  This conference brought over 200 attendees from 10 SMPS Pacific chapters. Evan also headed up the new “Leverage your Beverage” series which was a huge success this year!

The Sponsorship Committee, chaired by Jeff Stein and Bruce Winer, promoted every event to those who were willing to receive the added benefit to sponsor. We had a record sponsorship year!      

As we approach year-end, we once again thank you for your ongoing dedication and generosity. We are continually inspired by our member’s commitment to our organizations and wish everyone all the best. It has been my honor to serve as your president.  I am signing off but not signing out.  SMPS has given so much to me that I will continue giving back for years to come.

Carina Theissen

SMPS San Diego President

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