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President’s Message

By Bree Wong

Vice President, Business Development
SWS Engineering, Inc.

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We are fortunate to have the privilege of calling “America’s Finest City” home. We can surf, ski and hike the desert all within a couple hours’ drive. I believe we all know how lucky we are to be in the positions we are now, as we’ve seen the devastating impacts of the recession – and we’ve seen our resilient community zealously rebound. In fact, many of us have been busier than ever before.

As marketers, business development professionals and business owners in the San Diego A/E/C industry, we know firsthand how much energy goes into conceptualizing and implementing a design through construction; how much effort and collaboration is needed to get all the right players on all the right teams, and through these experiences we’ve learned how to create the vitalizing synergy necessary for a successful project.

I feel SMPS is such an integral piece of that dynamic. As we all know, marketing professional services isn’t anything like marketing a product – we have the difficult task of promoting more of a feeling; to find the delicate balance between conveying our firm’s intrinsic technical knowledge and experience, and eliciting an emotion within our clients that makes them trust that we are the firm they want to work together with. It’s an art.

To have a Society designed specifically as a resource for us in our unique industry is such a beautiful thing. SMPS provides its’ members with relevant information on current marketing techniques and the resources to develop the intricate skills required to succeed in our industry. The collective knowledge helps us to communicate the importance of having our marketing plans resonate through the depths of our companies, develop efficacious strategies for smart growth, and teaches us how to help achieve financial success for our firms with strategic pursuit methodologies. It assists in making our jobs as marketers and business developers more easily understood by our technical counterparts; giving validity and metrics to our positions and clearly identifying the benefits of having knowledgeable and educated in-house marketing and business development staff.

Our 2015-2016 SMPS Board of Directors is a dynamic group of professionals, and together we have created a comprehensive vision. We met, conferred and diligently discussed what our chapter’s needs are, and how we feel we can not only meet, but exceed them. What resulted from that strategic planning session is what we sense are the most important components of success for our members, and we are developing our chapter’s programming around that theme: A/E/C – Activate, Educate, Collaborate.

We aim to Activate our members by encouraging involvement and making our chapter’s programming something you desire to be involved with; we strive to offer programs and workshops that will Educate our audience, providing firsthand knowledge and strategies that can be taken back to your offices and integrated directly into your company’s marketing and business development plans; and we will achieve this all through our commitment to Collaborate with one another, as we all know that when many minds are put together we can cultivate rich ideas and theories that one mind alone cannot often conceptualize.

I am so honored to be serving alongside this remarkable Board of Directors as the SMPS San Diego chapter President this year, and am positive that together we will raise the bar for the future. I hope you will all join us in helping to make the upcoming year one of the best SMPS San Diego has ever seen!



Bree Wong, Vice President of SWS Engineering, Inc.

President of SMPS San Diego

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  1. Excellent message Bree. Happy New Year. I’m sure 2016 will be an excellent year for your Chapter.

    As a Fellow of SMPS, and as your Chapter Champion, I’m available to your Board as an advisor, resource and program participant. I’m just a phone call away!

    Let me know how I can help. As you may know, I presented at one of your Bootcamp sessions last year.


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