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Thank you for providing information for your event. The process for creating a new event is:

  1. Complete this form in its entirety.
  2. Your event information will be sent to appropriate members of the Accommodations and Communications teams.
  3. Accommodations will set up your event for registration and generate a registration landing page and link.
  4. Accommodations will send the registration link to Communications.
  5. Communications will start promoting your event on the website, email and social media.

If you have any questions about this form, email Marissa Feliciano Communications)

If you are only submitting images, use this link.

Form works best in Google Chrome.

Program Name (required)

Program Location (if not the Handlery Hotel)

Address of Location (if not the Handlery Hotel)

Program Date (required)

Deadline for Registration

Program Start and End time (required)

Member Cost

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Walk-in Cost

# of CEUs for this Event (only if applicable)

What Domain of Practice does this event support?
Click here for information on the Six Domains of Practice for Professional Service Marketers.

Event Description - include a description of your event, including speaker name(s), titles, company affiliations, sponsors and other pertinent event details. This information will be used by Accommodations and Communications for registration landing page, website and e-outreach.

Speaker Information:

Speaker #1 Name

Speaker #1 Title

Speaker #1 Email

Speaker #1 Meal Choice

Speaker #2 Name

Speaker #2 Title

Speaker #2 Email

Speaker #2 Meal Choice

Speaker #3 Name

Speaker #3 Title

Speaker #3 Email

Speaker #3 Meal Choice

Moderator Name

Moderator Title

Moderator Email

Moderator Meal Choice

If you have additional speakers, add name and title to the comments.

Home Page Graphic - must be 9” W x 5.75” H, 150 dpi (minimum) resolution, .jpg format

Sponsor Logos - 3" wide (minimum), 150 dpi (min­i­mum) resolution, .jpg for­mat. If sponsor logos are not currently available, submit them later using the Image Submit Form.

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