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We Got Smart with K-12!

SMPS San Diego gives thanks to the generosity of Hensel Phelps and SMR Consulting Group for sponsoring the November 19, 2014 luncheon. This unique luncheon provided the opportunity to learn how your company can become involved in the extensive San Diego K-12 building expansion over the next several years.

Torrey09_smps-6_1022The panel speakers included three distinguished leaders from San Diego school districts who discussed their districts planning for 2015, including delivery options, how design/build opportunities will affect development and schedules.

Torrey07_smps-6_1017Our first speaker, Gary Stanford, Director of Project Management for San Diego Unified School District, began by addressing Propositions S and Z, which provided the funding for the projects. These propositions will be used for overall improvements and the construction of new buildings. He expects there to be 50 new projects in design and bid phase by the end of 2015. Anyone who is interested can look at the agenda for the December 3rd Board of Education meeting to see what projects are in the queue. Details surrounding potential projects and the bid process are as follows:

  • Installation of A/C for the 2,000 hottest “zone 1” classrooms in two years; he anticipates “zone 2” classrooms may come next
  • The typical model they use is design-bid-build, although they are considering lease/lease-back for larger projects
  • They now have a pre-qualification system in place for bidders
  • The contracts for on-call professional services are typically for three years
  • They have a mandate that 3% of all construction is preformed by DVBE’s

Torrey08_smps-6_1035Next, Tom Calhoun, Chief Facilities Director for Sweetwater Union High School District discussed the happenings in his school district. Sweetwater Union High School District contains middle and high school campuses and are near the end of their Facilities Master Plan. They have approximately $5 billion worth of projects. They currently have $1.5 billion of outstanding needs and only have about $1.1 billion to spend. The projects range from $50,000 to $23 million. Calhoun is a big believer in design-build. They added solar energy to their campuses and it has saved about $5 million over the past 10 years. Details surrounding upcoming projects and the bid process are as follows:

  • Two large design-build projects coming up. The selection will be a two step process, the RFQ is expected to be out in January
  • A new district office is desired
  • They will have HVAC retrofits at several campuses

Torrey06_smps-6_1068Our final panelist, Carolyn Scholl, Facilities Planning Manager for Chula Vista Elementary School District focused on upcoming projects for her district. The expected projects are as follows:

  • Three school modernizations completing in summer 2015, the pre-construction plans have been finalized
  • The construction of a new elementary school in the southeast portion of the district; a team has been selected for this project
  • They will be expanding a charter high school (CVLCC), which is currently on an elementary school campus into a new two-story locatable building

Written and submitted by Nanette Newbry, Principal, Creative Director, Studio 2055 and Rebecca Friedenbach, Marketing Intern, Studio 2055

Pho­tos by Mike Tor­rey Pho­tog­ra­phy, special­iz­ing in archi­tec­tural photography.

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